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In a rapidly growing property market, with more and more shared goods and complex regulations, the management of various properties is a challenge. Demanding co-owners and assertive board members expect professional, 24/7 ad-hoc services. In order to get these owners in line, and to take all their worries around administrative, technical and financial matters, syndics need a reliable partner that shines in digital organization. Organimmo syndic offers an all-in-one solution for both starting as large offices.

Organimmo syndic
Document Management

1. Document Management

All documents can be called up in the blink of an eye thanks to a handy tree structure, both for customers, suppliers and buildings. By using the known drag & drop principle, archiving as easy as can be.

Data sheets

2. Data sheets

All data is always unambiguous and well-structured. They are easy to manage thanks to the personally adjustable order of desired information. This ensures faster processing and correct actions.


3. Communication

The package has extensive mailing functionality. Various selection criteria allow to send correspondence to one or more contacts. Organimmo is so ingeniously designed that the office layout is provided uniformly and the mailing can be sent at lightning speed with respect for the applicable spam and security standards applied by providers.

Look & feel

4. Look & feel

Organimmo syndic is based on known technology and thus has a recognizable look and feel for the user. In addition to customizable settings, shortcuts can be assigned to the most frequently used functions per user at the touch of a button. That way people work more efficiently and working with the program is simple.

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File Management

5. File Management

Bundling information about one file can be done with the help of this module. All registrations, contacts and documents can be managed in a clear manner. You can also easily correspond to departing from each file.

Technical sheets

6. Technical sheets

Possibility to keep the necessary and useful information up to the building and private level.
By using due dates, reciprocal tasks can be easily managed with Organimmo.

Bulletin Board

7. Bulletin Board

The bulletin board guarantees quick access to the most recently used data. Thanks to useful overviews, such as technical sheets or tasks, the bulletin board is the guarantee for a correct follow-up.

Project Management

8. Project Management

When starting new projects, the software supports the planning step by step. A helicopter view is available thanks to the general calendar overview. Moving and adjusting tasks can be done easily and conveniently.

Personalized search options

9. Personalized search options

Usability through Organimmo syndic thanks to the use of the very extensive selection options. It is also possible to group the search results according to one or a combination of multiple conditions. These can always be personalized and, thanks to wildcards, searching for the right data is easy. As a user, it is fairly easy to compile search criteria yourself. With one click, the desired information is immediately available.

Organimmo add-on

General Meeting Management module

Is the module that allows to prepare and organize general meetings smoothly and efficiently and to record the processing of all minutes and results. From registration of attendance, times, proxies, recording of votes to the clear layout of the necessary documents, everything is possible with this module at a glance.


A clear web environment is available for the syndic and his owners. Direct communication with the necessary information that you want to share is available. As a manager you enjoy full control of everything you wish to share or the matters that are requested and / or adjusted by the owners.

Task Management

This interactive module to is available for a syndic. Management of all communication with the necessary information regarding suppliers with whom one works. As a syndic you enjoy full control of everything that was communicated and shared with follow-up with due dates where necessary.

More add-ons

ISABEL / CODA processing - integrations to website - companyweb link

3rd Party Integration

A number of technological partners have provided a connection with the Organimmo environment that offers even more flexibility and time savings for you as a user and as an office.

For example, we have an integrated accounting module available.

But also a telephony integration that ensures that your office can address the customers in a more personal way and immediately get the data from the program on the screen.

The automated processing of documents can be extended thanks to integrations with a number of leading content management players like Recomatics ... .

Sending your letters is easy from Organimmo thanks to the 'Click & Post' connection that can be provided.

Some success stories from Organimmo users

Olivier Blockhuys
Olivier Blockhuys,

The Organimmo software ensures that we can manage our portfolio optimally.

Why we chose Organimmo:
  • Innovative and intuitive software
  • Regular updates
  • Team with knowledge of the market
Filip Dewaele
Filip Dewaele,
Dewaele Vastgoed met advies

ORGANIMMO ensures that we can better monitor our administration of our property management portfolio and increase our customer satisfaction.

Why we chose Organimmo:
  • pay more efficiently and pay rent payments to the owners
  • debtor management and indexing are very smooth
  • one central system for our multi-office structure
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