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Property Management

For a landlord two things are important: a regular rental income and the proper maintenance of the building. The ever-new quality standards imposed on top of the administrative, financial and technical management of property is a specialist task. A frequent and clear communication between the property manager and the owner is crucial. And now this is just one of the most common problems. Organimmo property manager is the solution to take over the management of real estate from the private owner in a transparent manner. The flexible packages Essential - Experienced - Enterprise or Elite is our guarantee that we evolve with your business.

Property Management
Customer Management

1. Customer Management

All customer, tenant and owner data are available in an instant. By using the known drag & drop principle, archiving is easy. Also sending all individual communications is child's play. 

Register every contact

2. Register every contact

Every interaction with the suppliers can be managed perfectly. The possibility of the supplier groups provides an overview. Again, sending all communication is very simple and straight forward available.

Clearly building management

3. Clearly building management

Managing buildings, from related insurance and maintenance contracts to technical data sheets has never been easier and clear. The possibility of dividing it into building groups and per office location guarantees a correct follow-up of all buildings.

All units in a few clicks

4. All units in a few clicks

Of course there is a well-organized management for the rental units; from the history owners & definition property in division, as well as management cost factors per rental unit to the known technical fact sheet. Thanks to the overview of vacancies on top of it, the necessary actions can always be supported.

Clear stakeholders communication

5. Clear stakeholders communication

All sent correspondence as well as the management of your own correspondence templates, concepts & backgrounds are customizable in just a few clicks.

Professional contract management

6. Professional contract management

All support of the lease contracts such as the creation of new contracts & termination / cancellation of existing contracts, renewal and indexing is foreseen. A checklist of entry and exit is there. Also an overview of the unpaid lease contracts with the possibility of issuing reminders with the option of charging / calculating debit costs / interest.

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Cost management as should be

7. Cost management as should be

Manage costs at the expense of tenants / owners or office together with an explanatory overview of costs to be paid. There is possibly the possibility to draw up a payment order for forwarding with Isabel.

The financial status at a glance

8. The financial status at a glance

Management of all the necessary bank accounts with financial transactions by manually entering movement supplier, tenant, owner, money movement. The payment orders for forwarding with - as well as the reading of the daily statements with the possibility to look up and assign possible disputes is foreseen.

Efficient invoicing

9. Efficient invoicing

Invoicing in the style of the office! Like owner's advances to pay. Prepare and manage the tenant settlements with an overview of payment. For the owner settlements with an overview to pay is also present. With the possibility of making payment orders for forwarding with Isabel. Of course there is a print-in invoice form available.

Reduce workload & respect deadlines

10. Reduce workload & respect deadlines

Managing the various assignments and specifications is child's play. Just like the possibility of drawing up recall vendors or managing all keys that are in lending and / or reception of keys. This can optionally be managed via barcodes.

Accounting as it should be

11. Accounting as it should be

From accounting system and setting standard account numbers for manual operations to advances suppliers, managing tenants & owners has never been clear. The possibility of ventilation one account and diaries guarantee correct accounting. Of course there are the ledgers; the various balance sheet and current account overviews available.

A software that works for you

12. A software that works for you

Organimmo is an open system that can set reminders by the user manually on different modules within the steward software. An automatic reminder for terminating a lease contract is something that is foreseen.

To measure is to know

13. To measure is to know

Changes to the various data within Organimmo steward are always logged. Who, what and when can always be found and can easily be consulted.

Organimmo add-on

Task management

Management of all communication with the necessary information regarding suppliers with whom one works. As a syndic you enjoy full control of everything that was communicated and shared with follow-up with due dates where necessary.

More add-ons

  •  ISABEL/CODA processing
  •  Companyweb link

3rd Party Integration

MyRent Pro

When renting a property, the rental contract must be registered with the belgium (federal) government.
Through Organimmo you register all leases automatically online.

Some success stories from Organimmo users

Olivier Blockhuys
Olivier Blockhuys,

The Organimmo software ensures that we can manage our portfolio optimally.

Why we chose Organimmo:
  • Innovative and intuitive software
  • Regular updates
  • Team with knowledge of the market
Filip Dewaele
Filip Dewaele,
Dewaele Vastgoed met advies

ORGANIMMO ensures that we can better monitor our administration of our property management portfolio and increase our customer satisfaction.

Why we chose Organimmo:
  • pay more efficiently and pay rent payments to the owners
  • debtor management and indexing are very smooth
  • one central system for our multi-office structure
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